Are Student Loans considered income to the IRS?

student loans
noggle4 asked:

If I get student loans in the amount of 34900.00, and put into a checking account (private student loan) is this income that I have to report?

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  1. I am Canadian, but I am 100% sure that student loans are not considered income here, and I seriously doubt they would be considered income down there! The government usually tries to give students a break!

  2. No, but if you use the money for anything other than school (tuition, books, etc.) you have to report the money as income on Line 21 of your tax return.

  3. Yes and no, If you use the loan as for tution, it will not be concider income. But it does however help you use the intrest you pay as a deduction later on. And for now that your in school and u use it toward tution and books, it help you apply for a education credit on taxes. Yes it’s income if you use it for boarding expenses and personal needs.

  4. No the loan is not income. You should receive a form at the end of the year stating how much interest you paid to the financial institution you are paying the money back to and that is a credit on your tax return. Any interest you EARN on the money is taxable and you should receive a 1099-int from the financial institution you have the money in IF it is an interest bearing account. Check out the website. There are many deductions and credits for college students.

  5. A loan, student loan or not, is not income no matter what you use it for – a loan means you have to pay it back.

    If you default on a loan and the lender writes it off, then you could become liable for tax on the amount written off since it could be considered as income.

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